Hunter & The Bear

Hunter & The Bear

Hunter & The Bear

Summer 2013 has been very busy for Hunter & the Bear. Having recently performed at the Hard Rock Calling Festival and supported the likes of Bruce Springsteen and Kasabian, the London-based trio have been exposed to a large number of potential new fans. With a high demand for their material, the London based trio is currently finishing up their latest EP, and preparing themselves to unleash their much-anticipated debut single “Forest On The Hill”.

It seems like the timing of it all could not have been any better. Indie folk rock is the genre of now, lead by the likes of the Lumineers, Band Of Horses and Kassidy (currently touring with Lana Del Rey and soon to share the stage with our own Hunter & the Bear at Live at Troon Festival).

Produced by the band and Jamie Bell (Metronomy, Richard Ashcroft and The Rifles),“Forest On The Hill” begins with fast paced steady beats and groovy acoustic guitars which instantly captivate the listener. What comes next? Will’s husky and soulful vocals take over, followed by Jimmy’s and Josh’s adroitly crafted backing vocals. These intricately layered vocal harmonies are a signature sound of Hunter & The Bear, and add a layer of sharpness and unsettling spirituality to the track.

Self -released, self-guided and self-confident, the boys are all about the organic and rootsy emotion which they have mastered very well. Their desire to affect one’s mind and body has become monumental in their pounding, acoustic feel and combined with period cobbler, they’re fresh, current and ready. What’s their next move? They want to move YOU! “Forest On The Hill” out 30th September.

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