JC Villafan

JC Villafan - Cover

JC Villafan – Cover

My goal as a musician and artist is to empower the human soul. My sound is a smooth fusion of soulful and melodic vocals with positive, uplifting lyrics; sang over blues and jazz structures that stay true to their roots but catchy enough to place into a pop category.
My journey as a musician began at the age of 16, four years after picking up a guitar. Traveling to and performing in Utah, Texas, Tennessee and places in between at a young age seasoned my performing, strengthened my soul, and developed my perspective on life and music.
Through my travels I have been graced with the opportunity to perform on many stages. These experiences and countless number of performances have made me the performer I am today. I am passionate about portraying the heart and soul of my songs through my performing, and I am fulfilled when my audience appreciates this. My fans deserve to see a first class performer, and that is what I aim to give them.
My passion for human progression started at the age 18 when i was shunned out of church. I held tightly to my personal beliefs and built my character from the things I knew were good and wholesome. I pressed forward, and now the motivation for my music stems from the belief of the human spirit and its ability to be kind and full of love. My goal with my music is to take our focus and attention off the grief life may bring, and to steer toward progression and hope for joy.


JC Villafan - UK Tour

JC Villafan – UK Tour

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