June Caravel

June Caravel - Photo by Caroline Ienne

June Caravel – Photo by Caroline Ienne

June Caravel had sworn never to write in French. She had even left behind her native France for London three years ago to stop hearing this perpetual question: « but why don’t you sing in French? ». For June it had always been English or nothing.

Until that fateful day in 2011 when she met a compatriot, Pierre Carrey in London. He told her playfully « J’te ramène à la boutique, si tu continues » (I’ll bring you back to the shop if you carry on) and they started writing the song together. As she had broken her own rule, why not honour her half-Italian roots (thanks mum!) and write a song called Non Voglio Un Caffè? And then why not using her 11 years spent learning German to remix a Cantata by Johann Sebastian Bach? June’s childhood Mexican friend Lucia Barahona also convinced (and coached) June to sing in Spanish. For the rest, though, June remained faithful to her English rule and composed the remnant 12 songs of The A Cappella Sessions in the
language of Shakespeare.


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