Lisa Marini

Lisa Marini

Lisa Marini

Lisa Marini is a London based artist.
When asked to describe her music she says the genre is Latin-Blues, a genre she made up from her personal influences and the styles that recur throughout the music she writes.

Over the past year Lisa has been performing around London and continues to get an amazing response.
She has received exceptional reviews and write ups with several radio appearances, including a guest spot on the BBC.
One review reads “I cannot think of any other female artist who sounds like Lisa Marini. She has a dusky and smoky sexiness to her delivery, as well as grace and power”

Lisa is looking forward to releasing her debut album in the new year. She is honoured to be working with some exceptional musicians including award winning drummer Sam Kelly.
Sneak previewers of the album have described it as “Stunning, with beautifully crafted songs”

This coming year should be a busy one for Lisa with a European tour being talked about…

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