Nou Enlè

Nou Enle

Nou Enle

Nou Enlè tell bittersweet modern tales of love and heartbreak, set to a backdrop of luscious acoustic instruments. The emphasis is on original songs, but they’re not averse to throwing an interesting cover into the mix.
Nou Enlè are a mixed bunch.
Steph is a singer with a great deal of stage experience, bringing an American folk sensibility to the group.
Gerard is a guitarist from a rock and pop background, with killer tunes and a rhythmic style.
Nona is a violinist with a history of playing traditional Creole music, resulting in the band’s trademark melodic sound.
John is a pioneer of the cajon, providing an inimitable groove, and the heartbeat of the group.
Dom brings a deeper tone on the double bass, drawing on his experience in jazz.
Against this groove-based symphony, they explore vocal harmonies that fit the style of their insightful lyrics.

Nou Enle - Gig

Nou Enle – Gig

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