Rosie Ellen

Rosie Ellen

Rosie Ellen

“I’ve decided, finally, to start sharing my music – so I hope that you enjoy the songs I’ve written (which Mark Lever, my ‘unofficial manager’ has so kindly put up for me!)

A friend today suggested that I write more about myself on here- in particular about the fact that I have two chronic illnesses; one mental and one physical. I think the reason for her suggestion is to hopefully evoke some insight into the passion behind my music, and WHY I write what I write.

I am not going to go into it in length; but I have to say that what I have been through over the past several years, and what I have had to overcome, has definitely inspired me to write my songs, and is the reason for my ‘drive’ to continue – my music, my life, my friendships, etc. If I didn’t have my music, I don’t think I would be ‘Rosie’ — and I think that really I can finish this bio at that.

Thanks so much to all those who have shown incredible support over the years (not just with my music) but in particular my parents and siblings, who ALWAYS support my music, and my lovely friends who have always motivated me and encouraged me to keep on writing – even on the bad days. In fact, it’s the ‘bad days’ which keep me going in a sense, music-wise, as I always have something dark to turn into something positive – a song!!

Thank you finally to Mark Lever, who has promoted my music when I couldn’t. You are a STAR.

Hope you enjoy my songs!

Love Rosie x”

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